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Tetsu (often referred to as "T-chan") is a totetsu, a mystical carnivorous animal that is a distant relative of the goat. He is a somewhat rough friend of Chris, and they are almost always together. To most people, T-chan appears to be a small, primarily goat like animal though he has the striped paws of a tiger, not hooves. To the Count and Chris, he looks like a young man with wild hair and goat horns. He was originally the chef of a popular Chinese restaurant (in vol. 3), which Count D frequented. The two fell into a sort of 'love', Count D wanting to possess the rare and exotic animal, T-chan wishing to eat the vegetarian D. In the end, Leon and his police cohorts arrest T-chan as he is about to feast on D (a sacrifice he was willing to make). Later, he ripped out his heart and tried to eat it, thereby "becoming" T-Chan

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